Around the world in 30 days – how to make it happen

By | March 2, 2018

Around the world in 30 days

No matter the mode of transportation by air, by road or by sea, the key thing here is extensive planning. It’s a noble dream to travel around the world, but there are fundamental questions you need to ask yourself, How much does it cost to move around the world? What do I stand to achieve? Do I Need to quit my job? Is it great as everyone tends to portray it?
Those questions mentioned above are what you need to conclude your planning.
Here are some tips on how to make it in 30 days:
Get a flight ticket
The best way to avoid buying flight ticket at every location is to buy a round-the-world air ticket RTW. Many airlines offer such ticket. Most airlines will give you their terms and conditions. For example, Star Alliance offers RTW for the maximum of 15 stops, and you have so many routes to cover.
This is one thing you have to put into consideration.
Outline Your Budget,
Touring around the world in 30 days can be capital intensive. You have settled the air ticket; the available cash will determine the type of accommodation you will go for- hotels, campsites, couches and hostels.
It’s advisable not to spend outside the budget.
Do Research
Search the internet to know to get a fair deal of accommodation. We are talking about many accommodations because you need to lodge at different locations. Research about the weather, some variables about the weather. Research about the type of cloths that will make the trip. Research about the best insurance policy for your trip and finally the health implication.

What should you pack?
You need to, first of all, prepare a rough list containing all the items you need. Half that list and start brainstorming on the items in the list. Remember, keep reminding yourself that, I’m packing light. Choose items that can serve multiple purposes. You cannot avoid being hopping your luggage at every given airport. That will guide you to tick what you need, not what you want, Your travelling documents should be the first thing to itemize.
Keep fit mentally and physically
Keep your body in shape by embarking on regular physical exercise. Have a routine exercise until you are fit and set to travel. Try as much as possible to be mentally stable.
Book your accommodations before you go
By now, you must have known all the locations for the 30 days trip and the accommodation for each location. Explain to the respective hoteliers about your mission, to see if you can get a reasonable discount. You are not embarking on the trip for luxury. Go ahead to book.
. Make sure you are insured
Get travel insurance for the trip. Though it attracts extra cost, it worths it. You are going to different war zones; you need to get that for security.
Learn about your destinations
Learn about the different locations of your trip, the weather, logistics, the people and their lifestyle, their culture and tradition and the borders.