Five reasons to visit The Iron Gate Inn

By | April 29, 2018

The Iron Gate InnThere are many activities you can enjoy at The Iron Gate Inn, so check out some of the reasons to visit this resort. You will be able to have fun with your entire family here, and maybe discover new fun things to do on vacation. The natural background and surroundings inspire to peace and tranquil for anyone.


Visit the Winery

The resort offers many activities focused on wine, so make sure to check at least some of them out. For example you can go on a wine tour, and taste some of the amazing beverages available here. You can also offer a wine tour to your significant other, and this will make a great gift for you friends as well. The tasting room is open everyday from 12pm and up until 8 pm, during which you can get a taste of the wine varieties available here. Maybe you want to purchase a bottle of wine and in that case you should consider visiting the shop.


See some artistic pieces

Do you love art? In that case, all you have to do is check out the numerous art related festivals taking place here. You can attend many summer events and festivals such as the Utah Shakespeare Festival or the Neil Simons Festival. If you want to see some art on display and purchase some , there are many places for that too such as the Artisans Gallery. You may be able to find some of the art pieces you have been searching for and maybe event meet new people


Winter sports choices

Even if you visit the resort in winter, you will still be able to find many things to do and see. For example, the resort offers snowboarding and skiing options, and classes are available for any skill level. The affordable prices are suitable for the entire family, so make sure to check out the event calendar in order to learn more. Maybe you want to try something different and in that case, tubing might be just what you need. The mountain located here is known to be the best in the state when it comes to winter sports.


Visit the restaurants

If you are wondering where to eat, you should know that the resort offers many options to all its guests. You can enjoy a hot breakfast or a healthy lunch at the restaurant, but also a romantic dinner. The restaurant is suitable for the entire family, and you can choose from the many styles of cuisine one that is to your liking.


The hotel’s amenities

Maybe you feel tired and don’t want to explore the surroundings, and the hotel provides numerous fun options for guests. In the morning, go to the fitness center in order to practice your workout and maybe take a Yoga class. If you want to swim, you can check out the resort’s pool as it free for guests. Perhaps you want to eat in, and in that case you can always relax and order room service.