How to pack for air travel in the winter

By | April 15, 2018

How to pack for air travel in the winter

Europe is beautiful to visit in winter, but you may be surprised by how cold it is, especially if you come from a warm climate. If you need some packing tips for your upcoming vacation, read on.
For starters, you should consider getting a pair of thermal leggings and top to wear under your regular clothes. These items will protect your body from the cold and will not be obvious when worn.

Another thing to keep in mind is weight of your luggage. It is known that sweaters and winter clothes are more voluminous than shirts. You may want to replace some of the shirts with trendy sweaters that you can wear during the cold season, though packing just 2 should be enough.

As for colors, black is always a good choice. A pair of black jeans can go a long way, and they will never look as dirty as they really are. Furthermore, you will also be able to pair them with pretty much any other clothing item. You can wear a pair of black jeans when going to a fancy restaurant but also on a shopping trip. This will help you pack lighter and not have to worry about the weight of your luggage.

As for shoes, you should consider bringing a pair of boors instead of shoes. You will need boots much more than you need shoes, but make sure to chose a pair that you can wear on any occasion. Pick a trendy design that will also keep your feet warm and are easy to remove. If you get the right pair, you will be able to walk for many hours at a time in them, without your feet getting tired.

Keep in mind that only wearing boots may not be enough to protect your feet from the cold. You may want to take with you some pairs of warm and fluffy socks made of a fabric like cotton. Remember that fluffy socks can get quite bulky, so only get up to 5 pairs that you can wash daily.
Europe is a quite fashionable place, and you can keep both warm and trendy with a few accessories. Get some scarves and gloves that will protect your neck and hands from the freezing cold. These will also do wonders for your wardrobe, as they add a chic element to any bland wardrobe.

In addition to this, you should also consider getting a coat. A coat can be used in many different ways, including layering. If the coat has a hood it will protect you against the snowy days and make you look more fashionable. Another suggestion is buying a puffer jacket to wear during very cold days with extreme temperatures.

Keeping these tips in mind could prove to be helpful before you leave on a winter vacation. Your luggage will not be too heavy, and you will also be able to stay warm and have fun. Winter is a lovely season with many holidays that you can enjoy with your family and friends.