In-flight romance: How to meet at 30,000 feet

By | May 9, 2018

How to meet at 30,000 feet

Did you ever read romantic stories about couples meeting on a flight home, to an exotic destination and wish it were you? Well, next time you fly you might meet the love of your life because we’ll help you out. We have a few tips for you on how to meet someone at 30,000 feet up in the air.

Pay attention to your clothes
You don’t want to be uncomfortable while you fly, but you also shouldn’t be looking like a hot mess: you won’t be impressing much. Lady and the Tramp is just a movie, guys, and it usually doesn’t happen in real life. If you want to leave a mark on someone on the plane make sure your clothes stand out through color, cleanliness, or style.

Pay attention to your flight
Some flights are specifically targeted towards those who want to meet someone. This is a service airlines make available to their single passengers. You might be required to share your social media account, or accounts with the airline, which in turn shares that information with the others that are seeking romance. After you looked at the other passengers, you can select next to whom you’l like to sit during your flight.

Location is everything
Just like real estate, plane tickets are also important. If you haven’t looked at the profiles of the other passengers, it is time you booked an aisle seat. This seat allows you to spark conversations with several people around you, as well as those passing by.

There’s a chance everywhere
While you wait for your plane, in the lounge, when boarding, or going through security checks, there’s always a good enough moment to meet someone. Wasting these opportunities actually minimizes your chances of meeting someone.

Pass notes
Perhaps you missed your chance on choosing a seat next to someone whose social media account you liked, or perhaps the person you chose is not really as interesting as you first thought. Don’t worry, because you ca still meet the one. If someone else sparks your interest, it is easy to pass them a note either through the staff, the other passengers, or just by passing by them and pretend you dropped it.

Ask to be re-seated
Passengers ask to have their seat changed all the time, no matter the type of flight they’re on. Ask the flight attendant to help you change your seat with one next to a more interesting group of people.

Some of these tips apply on all planes
You don’t have to fly with an airline that caters to singles in search for love. You can use some of these tips on any flight, and even on trains. However, one of the first things you might want to discover is whether the person is single or not and if they’re opened to conversation.

Say “hello”
No matter who you’re interested in, try and say “hello” first. If they answer back but proceed with doing something else that does not include you, like listening to music or reading, you should at least take consolation in the fact you tried and they weren’t meant to be anyways.