Top 10 places to visit in Anchorage – Alaska

By | May 8, 2018

anc-skyline-donna-dewhurst_resized_eca7ea3e-9d01-47b1-801e-8224b8d7bd1fRead more about the top 10 places to visit in Anchorage and why. If you need more info about the attractions found in this city, take the time to read on.

Denali National Park
This park is one of the largest in the whole country and the home to many species of wildlife such as bears, reindeer and elk. Along with that, the park is the place where more than 160 bird species reside. Admission to the park costs $10, and you can enter it at any time of the day.

Tracy Arm Fjord cruises
If you want to go on a boat trip or go on a cruise, go to the Tracy Arm Fjord. Beside getting some great views of the small icebergs and Tongass National Forest, you will also get to see animals like bears and elk.

Kenai Fjords National Park
This large park offers some amazing views that look beautiful in pictures, and you may get a glimpse of the bears that reside here. The National Park is a main attraction in Anchorage, so take the time to see it on your trip.

Alaska Highway
The highway was built and first used during the World War 2, but now makes a connection between Alaska and Dawson Creek. There are many motels and shops spread out on the highway, so you will not be stranded in the middle of nowhere on your road-trip.

University of Alaska Museum of the North
The university offers many history pieces and artifacts, and should be on your list of places to visit during your trip. Artwork by indigenous people can also be found here, along with a collection of birds.

Inside Passage
If you are feeling adventurous, go on a trip to the Inside Passage. This destination is best reached by a cruise, and you will encounter many private yachts along the way. The Passage provides terrific views over the mountains and waterfalls.

Northern Lights
The dark winter nights in Alaska are easier to handle once you get a view of the Northern Lights. Tourists get the chance to see the lights between the months of September and April, and you may just be lucky.

Alaska Native Heritage Center
The Heritage Center will teach you more about the lives of the natives here in a fun way. Visit this museum for cool exhibits and artwork any day between 9 am and 5 pm.

Wrangell-St. Elias National Park
Known to be one of the state’s largest parks, the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park features some of the highest peaks in the entire country. If you love nature and sports, you may be happy to learn that the park includes numerous hiking trails.

Iditarod National Historic Trail
The 2,300 miles long trail was used for hunting back in the ancient times, and is now mostly used for dog races. This trail offers spectacular views and hiking opportunities in summer. If you visit in winter, attend the cool Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race.