Top 10 places to visit in Henderson – Nevada

By | November 25, 2016

henderson-nevadaCheck out the top 10 places to visit in Henderson and why, just in case you need to have some info on this cool city.


The coffee shops

Everyone loves a good cup of coffee in Henderson, so you should visit the city’s best coffee shops during your trip. Start off your day with a visit to Coffee Bean Place, but don’t forget to check out Doubleshot Lane as well.


The Weiss Restaurant

This popular restaurant has made a name for itself due to the amazing deli that satisfies any taste. Try the fresh challah bread and don’t forget to get the ham and eggs breakfast, too. The prices are affordable and the restaurant is family friendly.


The trails

If you love the outdoors, you will love everything Henderson has to offer. For example, you can rent a bike and go on a biking tour, or explore the area on the 80 miles of hiking trails. In addition to this, you should consider taking some horseback riding lessons here.


The Book Boutique Family Book Store

This popular bookstore is where book signing events take place at least once a month. If you love reading and have a favorite author, you might just be lucky enough and have them sign your book for you.


The Lion Habitat Ranch

Maybe you like to spend your time surrounded by animals, and The Lion Habitat Range is the home to many retired lions. The lions can be watched and taken pictures of, but you will also learn more about their life.


The Sunset Casino

Even though Las Vegas is in a league of its own when it comes to casinos, The Sunset Casino will not let you down. Beside the gorgeous sunset views that hint to its name, the casino features the newest and most popular games along with an electric crowd.


Foxridge Park

If you want to get spooked out, head over the Foxridge Park and you might as well experience a ghost. The park is known to be hunted, so spend a few hours here in the evening if you are feeling brave.


I Love Sushi

Lovers of all things Japanese can enjoy a different culinary experience at I Love Sushi. The place is known to be the best in town for its sushi and Japanese dishes, and the affordable prices will have you go back again the next day.


The Henderson Pavilion

If you enjoy artistic performances, you may be happy to learn that this center features many theatrical plays and music events all through the year. Take your family here for a day to attend Willy Wonka or any other festival taking place.


St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

This cool festival takes place every year, and tourists love to engage in activities such as The Irish Whisky Tasting Contest. If this is not enough reason for you to attend, you should also consider the festivities that take place after. The fun atmosphere and engaging crowd will ensure you don’t leave disappointed.