Top 10 places to visit in Inglewood – California

By | February 17, 2017

Inglewood - CaliforniaAre you planning to visit California soon? In such a case, make sure to check out the top 10 attractions in Inglewood. This small town is a great location for a short or longer vacation with your friends or family.

The Forum
If you want to enjoy a music performance, make sure to check out The Forum. This venue offers great performances by famous artists, that you should not miss out on seeing. Furthermore, the venue is luxurious and glamorous.

Hollywood Park
Hollywood Park provides great views at night, and you can enjoy many sports events and races that take place here. The spot is a favorite local attraction and a good place for some family fun.

Hollywood Park Casino
After watching the races and events, you will probably get hungry. When that happens, all you have to do is go to the Hollywood Park Casino for an hour or two. make sure to try the succulent steaks and don’t forget the salads.

Los Dos Hermanos Billiards
If you like to play billiard, check out Los Dos Hermanos Billiards. Go here with your friends on a free evening and you can have fun for hours without getting bored. The low prices are ideal for tourists on a budget.

Three Weavers Brewing Company
Maybe you enjoy good beer, and in that case head over to the Three Weavers Brewing Company for a few hours. The brewery’s staff is friendly and nice, and you will also get the opportunity to enjoy the town’s best beer.

Randy’s Donuts
Are you in the mood for some yummy doughnuts? Then, all you need to do is visit the popular Randy’s Donuts. The restaurant offers many varieties of doughnuts. The place can get crowded at times, so make sure to come early.

Roscoes House of Chicken & Waffles
If you like both chicken and waffles, head over to the Roscoes House for a few hours. This restaurant is perfect for the entire family, and features the best fried chicken in town. Private parties are also allowed here, so you may have found the location for your next birthday party.

The Serving Spoon Restaurant
After being out all day, you may need some nourishment. Whenever you want to eat a hearty meal, go to the popular The Serving Spoon Restaurant. The restaurant offers delicious soups, potato salads and everything in between.

Casa Gamino
If you are looking for even more restaurants, check out Casa Gamino on your free day. Casa Gamino provides healthy foods but also burgers and mexican choices. No matter what your tastes in food are, you can be sure to have a lot of fun here.

Shopping trips
Everyone enjoys a bit of shopping on their vacation, so don’t end your vacation without a tour of the boutiques and shops located in Inglewood. You might be lucky enough to find the perfect accessory or gift for someone you love. Most of the stores provide affordable prices that will not make a hole in your budget.