Top 10 places to visit in Savannah – Georgia

By | February 24, 2018

Savannah - GeorgiaSavannah, the oldest city in the United States, was founded and is located on the Savannah River 20 miles (32 Km) upriver from the Atlantic Ocean. These are top 10 places to visit these historical, haunted and very rich in architecture city:


Ghost Tours

Savannah is ranked amongst US most haunted cities. Raw civil wars, colonial times, public executions, and personal grievances have given path to close encounters with paranormal activities. Many locals are more than eager to show you the places and tell you the stories they have heard and experienced themselves with the dead.


Electric Bike/Segway City Trips

Savannah is a beautiful green and architectural city that invites to be discovered on foot, by bikes or Segways. The city offers interested visitors the possibility to rent ecological friendly vehicles to discover the city in a comfortable way.


River Street

Experiencing Savannah River Street is both seeing its history live and discovering the overlapping modern touches on the city. Century old cotton houses transformed in boutiques, galleries and shops, share the vibrant history that Savannah has experienced over the years.


Historic District

The heart of Savannah City is covered with cobblestone streets, lush gardens, and oak shaded parks. Outdoors cafes, local festivals, big southern mansions, are all pieces of the district that tell a story of the Savannah past to those who are paying attention.


River Boat Cruises

During the day, or at night, as part of a fun experience with friends, or as a romantic date under the moon, the river is witness of magical experiences daily in boat cruises. Offering fine local cuisine, and a wonderful view of the harbor, the ships provide a wonderful experience for visitors and locals alike.


Tybee Island

20 minutes east of Savannah is located Tybee Island, a small island with sand dune beaches; a perfect destination for sunbathing, walking, biking, fishing and sailing. Wonderful views of the Atlantic Ocean and the calming energy from the Atlantic town await its visitors.


Inshore and offshore Fishing

Savannah is surrounded by water. Both the river and ocean provide locals and visitors the opportunity to learn from the life in the water and to consciously provide themselves with it. From beginners to experts the tours provide the whole experience.



Surrounded by water life at Savannah does not stop on land. Taking a Kayak down the river or at sea, going in a boat offshore to relax and gather thoughts, or standing on a paddle or surf board, are all activities that water lovers can expect to enjoy at Savannah water bodies.


Houses of Worship

With a wide range of believes and wonderful architecture, the city has beautiful churches and synagogues with friendly congregations that will welcome you whether a believer or non-believer.


City Market

Located downtown, the city market is the hub and center of all activities. With vibrant performances at night, and restaurants, cafes and galleries during the day, the city market provides a perfect scenario for visitors to experience the daily life of locals.