Top 10 places to visit in West Jordan – Utah

By | August 29, 2018

West Jordan - UtahMaybe you are wondering which are the best places to visit in West Jordan, so read on for a list. You might enjoy visiting this city at some point in the future, as it includes many attractions you could be interested in.

Gardner Village trips
If you visit Gardner Village you can enjoy some good food but also artistic performances. The village is the number one attraction in town, so remember to pass by when you have some free time and are hungry.

All Star Lanes Sports Lounge
If you are looking for some fun with your family, check out All Star Lanes Sports Lounge. Here you can enjoy a sports game and spend some hours eating good food. The place offers decent prices that are perfect for a big family.

The Gathering Place at Gardner Village
If you plan on hosting your own business event, The Gathering Place is your best bet. The venue is ideal for smaller or bigger gatherings, and you will also be provided with catering services. The friendly staff is always ready to help you and turn your event into a memorable one.

Avani Massage visits
After a long day, there is nothing better than a massage. Avani Massage offers the best massages and body therapies in town, and these will make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed. As a plus, the salon also provides manicure and pedicure services, but also couple therapies.

AMC West Jordan 12
Maybe you are in the mood for a good movie and in that case, make sure to check out AMC West Jordan 12. The theater looks both glamours and the red decor will draw you in.Here you can also enjoy your favorite movie snacks for a decent price.

‘Bout Time Pub & Grub
If you are in the mood for a night out, all you have to do is go to the ‘Bout Time Pub & Grub. The pub offers great drinks you might enjoy, as well as a friendly atmosphere.

Carmike 12
This is another cinema you may enjoy checking out. Carmike 10 offers low priced movie tickets and a good selection of movies you may want to see on a night out with your family.

Go shopping
If you are a fan of shopping, you should definitely check out some of the city’s shops and boutiques. Visit the flea market for good deals, and the antique stores if you are looking for a gift. You can be sure to find it here.

Village Baker
If you want to eat something fresh and delicious, Village Baker is your best bet. Take the time to browse through the shelves full of goods and choose some pastries you might enjoy.

Bombay House
Bombay House is one of the best restaurants in town, and for a good reason. The restaurant offers decent priced meals for the entire family, and the portion size will definitively satisfy every taste. In addition to that, the pleasant decor and setting will enhance your lunch or dinner experience.