Top 9 rules of airtiquette

By | September 6, 2018

Top 9 rules of airtiquette

Traveling is fun, but how about those times when you were put in uncomfortable situations? In order to better understand the dos and don’ts of flying, here are the top 9 rules of airtiquette.

Respect other travelers’ boundaries
Every person has their own requirements of personal space, and this should be something you pay attention to while flying. Keep your arms and legs on your seat without invading the space of the person next to you. When you want to get some sleep, use a neck pillow in order to keep your distance.

Avoid small talk
Not everyone enjoys small talk on a flight, and you should probably get a hint if your travel partner is not up to it. Long flights can be stressful and tiring, so keep your voice down and make sure to use headphones when listening to music. This will make everyone’s trip more comfy.

Be careful with the back seats
Everyone is used to kicking the back seats, but there is not much room on a plane and things can get quite uncomfortable. Avoid rocking your chair back and forth and pay attention to how the other passengers feel.

Stay hygienic
People can get quite close and personal on a plane, so make sure to cover your mouth every time you sneeze and cough. Furthermore, wash your hands each time you visit the toilet and use sanitary towels to keep clean.

Don’t eat smelly foods
Even though you might be craving a burrito full of onion, a good idea is to stick to acceptable travel snacks like crackers or grapes. Your fellow travelers most likely do not want to feel the aromas of your foods, and this can make anyone’s life easier. Furthermore, avoid taking your shoes off and don’t use too much cologne before your flight.

Avoid PDA displays
While you may find public displays of affection cute, the person next to you might not feel the same way. Be considerate and leave those at the gate or be prepared to wait until the plane lands.

Don’t drink too much alcohol
A glass of wine may help you feel more relaxed on a long flight, but avoid drinking more. No one wants to have a drunk person on board, and you will embarrassed yourself as well as the other travelers. Keep your alcohol consumption to a minimum and everyone will thank you.

Respect the crowds
When you are at the gates, don’t make things even more difficult for the other people in line. Airports are quite crowded anyway, so keep your space and follow the line you are in. If you hurry up to be first you will only bother the other passengers.

Be nice to people
A little kindness goes a long way, so be pleasant to your fellow travelers even if you have a bad day. You could put a smile on someone’s face or simply speed up the process. Avoid starting a fight or complain too much, as no one likes a picky person who is never happy with anything.